Privacy Policy

Scope And Objective

Gauranga Creative Arts understands the importance of protecting personal information of customers and other users of web resources. (“Users”). Gauranga Creative Arts commits to protect the privacy of the Users and understands all necessary and reasonable measures to protect it.

This policy is the property of Gauranga Creative Arts and cannot be conveyed in any manner or in any form outside Gauranga Creative Arts without prior written consent of CEO/General Manager. Gauranga Creative Arts reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Gauranga Creative Arts will endeavor to post the most current version of this policy on its website.

Salient Features

1. Commitment

Information collected and used by Gauranga Creative Arts can include information supplied by Users and also the information that is automatically collected through navigation or in any other form. Gauranga Creative Arts may include links to other websites. However, the moment Users leave Gauranga Creative Arts servers, it goes beyond the control of Gauranga Creative Arts. Thus any link to third party web resources do not form any approval, warranty or endorsement by or with Gauranga Creative Arts.

2. Security

Gauranga Creative Arts gives access of Users information to Authorized Employees only. Such employees are subjected to rules and regulations of Gauranga Creative Arts. They undertake to abide by this Privacy Policy even after relieving from employment.

3. Sms and Email Privacy

Gauranga Creative Arts respects the privacy of all its Users and takes every effort to protect sensitive customer information. Gauranga Creative Arts never seeks from its Users any confidential / sensitive information like – PINs, passwords, CVV, expiry date, issue date, etc. By registering your mobile number or email id.

  • Gauranga Creative Arts never sends unsolicited messages to your registered mobile number.
  • Gauranga Creative Arts never sends unsolicited emails to your registered email id.
  • If Users have not registered their mobile phone number to Gauranga Creative Arts, Gauranga Creative Arts will endeavor to ensure Users that they will not receive a promotional SMS from us.
  • For enforcing terms and conditions of the products or services.

Gauranga Creative Arts will update Users mobile phone number or email id, only with their consent and requisite authentication – signature on paper documents.

4. Disclosure
  • Gauranga Creative Arts may disclose any Statistical Information to any person without any limitation.
  • Users authorizes Gauranga Creative Arts to exchange / share / part with information of Users to its affiliates / financial institutes / banks / credit bureaus / telecommunication / agencies / electronic clearing network that may be required by law / credit reporting / customary practice / statistical analysis / credit scoring , etc. and shall not hold Gauranga Creative Arts liable for disclosure of such information.
5. Consent
  • Users consent ir-reovocably to Gauranga Creative Arts for the following disclosures to third parties without any limitation :
  • For the lawful / legal requirement or compliance.
  • For enforcing terms and conditions of the products or services.
  • For protecting or defending our rights / interests / property and also for protecting or defending the rights / interests / property of our affiliates / banks / financial institutes etc.
  • For preventing Fraud purposes.
  • Users consent to the collection and use of their information by Gauranga Creative Arts. Users consent to the terms of this policy.
  • Users also undertakes to keep their password complex and not to disclose to anyone in any form.
  • Users agree to receive communication from Gauranga Creative Arts.