Our Services

Deity Painting

Divine Strokes Illuminating Spiritual Beauty

Our deity paintings are a harmonious blend of artistry and devotion. Each stroke is infused with reverence, bringing to life the divine figures that grace temples and homes. Experience spirituality through the mesmerizing play of colors and intricate details that embody divine energy.

Canvas Painting

Where Colors Dance & Narratives Unfold

Witness the silent, eloquent dialogues between colors and canvas. Our canvas paintings, ranging from abstract to realism, are windows to diverse worlds, each telling a story, evoking emotions, and inviting viewers into a visual journey of beauty and creativity.

Customized Painting

Your Everyday Items, Our Artistic Canvas

Transform your bedsheets, pillows, and suits into unique pieces of art. Our custom painting services infuse life into everyday items, making them a reflection of your personality and taste. Choose from a range of designs or bring your own; we’re here to paint your dreams.

Face Art & Temporary Tattoo

Expressive, Artistic, Uniquely Yours

Step into a world where your face becomes the canvas for our artistic expressions. At Gauranga Creative Arts, we specialize in creating stunning face art and temporary tattoos that are as unique as you. Perfect for events, festivals, or just to stand out, our designs range from the subtle to the extravagant, each crafted to perfection to make a statement.

Pearl Ornament & Dress Making

Elegance Redefined, Divinity Adorned

Adorn your cherished deities with our exquisite range of pearl ornaments and dresses, each piece meticulously crafted to radiate elegance and divinity. Our artists intricately weave pearls, combining traditional and contemporary designs, ensuring your deities are dressed in nothing but the best, reflecting the reverence they are held in.

Woollen & Winter Dress Making

Warmth, Comfort, Divine Embrace

As the seasons change, wrap your deities in the warm, cozy embrace of our specially crafted woollen and winter dresses. Each piece is designed with precision, ensuring not just warmth but also an aesthetic appeal that complements the divine aura. Choose from a range of designs, each echoing the sanctity and grace of spiritual figures.

Fancy Dress Makeup for Kids

Imagination Comes to Life

Every child dreams of stepping into the shoes of their favorite characters. At Gauranga Creative Arts, we make those dreams come true. Our fancy dress makeup services transform your little ones with artistic precision, bringing to life characters from fairy tales, epics, and beyond. Watch their eyes sparkle with joy as they look into the mirror and see their imagination reflected back.

Chart Making, Written Assignments & School Projects/Models

Educational Excellence, Creatively Crafted

In the world of academics, presentation matters. Our chart making, written assignments, and school project/model services are designed to give students an edge. Each project is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring not just visual appeal but also educational accuracy. Trust us to turn every assignment into a masterpiece that earns accolades and admiration.